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I create Art works based on the natural world. Whether the Art is figurative, non-figurative or functional, it's based on natural subjects and materials. At this time, I am primarily working with wood. Occasionally I add steel, glass, plastics and paint.

  • I frequently use aged, reclaimed hardwood as a primary material. South American and African forests don't need to fall for us to find exotically figured and colored woods. I rescue old growth wood, harvested long ago. I transform it into Art that retains the character and patinas earned by hard usage, age and exposure.

  • Figurative sculptures are based on natural themes of flora, fauna and the human form. Non-figurative works highlight the natural interest of the material and always present a series of contrasts.

  • Serving and Display Trays are crafted from a single piece of hand-selected reclaimed wood. It's an amazing transformation from rough agricultural, utilitarian use. The finished trays balance contrasts of old and new, rustic and refined, organic and geometric, artistic and functional. Since each piece of wood is unique, each tray is one of a kind.

  • My studio/workshop is located in Pisgah Forest, North Carolina.

Call, text or email to learn more about my custom art creations.

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